How to wear bags: For men

Updated on Jul 16, 2008

Comments (6)

maggie01 on September 03
God, a moustache is has been, no ?
Fruchtzwerg on July 19
you're one of my fav male dresser. Well done
saltinejustine on July 16
i completely agree. Good call...
enc on July 16
Your "tirade" was right on! I'm all for eliminating "man bag" from our consciousness as soon as possible.
WorldUgly on July 16
I hate the 'man bag' thing too. It convinced men they shouldn't carry a bag... and thus means that I have to carry all my male friend/boyfriend's stuff all the time! Do you have the same thing in the US where the letter m is put in front of practically ANYTHING men have/do which is supposedly female. Like Moobs or Manorexia? Come to think of it, those are quite funny.
thesundaybest on July 16
I shouldn't laugh, but manorexia? Good god.
missdeersign on July 16
At least "manbag" is not as asinine sounding as "murse". I love that bag though (or purse even, dude's can have purses methinks)....

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