All I Want For Christmas

Updated on Dec 20, 2013
black kc-dare Steve Madden heels - silver Nasty Gal dress
Silver-nasty-gal-dress-black-net-a-porter-bag Silver-nasty-gal-dress-black-net-a-porter-bag Silver-nasty-gal-dress-black-net-a-porter-bag Silver-nasty-gal-dress-black-net-a-porter-bag Silver-nasty-gal-dress-black-net-a-porter-bag
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All I want for Christmas is... Not much. Actually nothing at all. I don't need Christmas presents, for me it's Christmas all year long. I just need some time to relax, sit back and think of what's next. I'm not flying back home for the holidays; I'll probably be in Los Angeles the whole time and the plan is to eat a lot of food (possibly healthy... I'll do my best I promise!), including a good amount of frozen yogurt (probably once a day) and to watch movies like at every hour of the day. It's embarrassing how many classics I need to watch , 'Run Lola Run', 'Gia', 'American Graffiti', 'V for Vendetta', 'Kramer VS Kramer' and the list goes on.

As for the holiday shopping, I did  some already and I'm pretty proud of it. I feel like I end up buying 'stuff' all the time, I mean shoes, bags, jewelry, coats and all sorts of 'useless' items that somehow, just by being the way they are, make your life better, happier, fuller. Yes, too bad I never buy what I REALLY need, like socks, sweatpants, warm sweaters, home utensils, the boring stuff you know: those things you KNOW you need so desperately but they're not as charming and yummy as a pair MIU MIU pumps so you just forget to buy them. I'm sure YOU feel that exact feeling; it's called GUILT. Haha, IJK. Anyway I did buy one of those boring-but-useful-tools that once you have you realize you couldn't live without and you say to yourself, 'good thing Christmas  comes once a year'. This year I bought the Conair Extreme Steam Handheld Garment Steamer because, let's be honest, who stands those horrible wrinkles on your new Equipment shirt once you get it fresh out of a SHOPBOP box? This will do the trick. The Conair steamer is small and easy to use and looks so stylish as well so why not. To keep your clothes nice and steamed, I'm telling you, this is the toy you need.

Back to the more glamorous shopping, what do you think about this outfit over here? It's the second of the series of 4 looks that I styled with my friend Christopher Riviera and it's going to get more and more fab, you'll see. The super soft and slightly furry Smythe coat unveils a Cinderella dress by Alexa Von Canisius, perfect for the girl that runs around the city at night, feeling timeless and chic. The Steve Madden fucsia shoes and the glittery solid Edie Parker clutch are simply the cherry on top of the cake. You just HAVE to have them, you know what I mean... The dreamy and romantic earrings and necklace are by Gemma Simone and voila, looking like a princess in the city of Angels. Hope you love the look and don't forget the steamer... even princesses need one!

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commonsenseandstilet on December 22
gorgeous :D
patlaenz on December 20
bkgurl36 on December 20
Fashionista_619 on December 20
Beautiful winter white drese
Rebel_Lady09 on December 20
lovely !
pemberuj on December 20
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