Modern Conservative-but-Not-Really Granny Librarian Goes to the Flea

Updated on Jun 27, 2013
vintage wallet - Urban Outfitters boots - Vintage Escada blazer
Urban-outfitters-boots-vintage-escada-blazer-issey-miyake-shirt Vintage-wallet-urban-outfitters-boots-vintage-escada-blazer
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hautelier 's Thoughts:

The breakdown:

Just dressing for one of those impossibly weird New York mid-spring-summer days that almost feels like summer since the sun’s out but there are random cold gusts of wind and then soon suddenly you’re sweating like wtf how did that just happen and 3 hours later it starts raining on you.

At that point all you can really do is try to make the colors go together. The orange and brown in the glasses mixing in with the orange of the blazer, also hitting up the brown in the boot. The metal captoe in the boot went hand-in-hand with the metallic conic buttons on the blazer and the silver dots on the black shirt. I liked how the white pants really give the look more levity and make it a little more spring, and I liked the mixture of the textures with the white and the black. You can’t tell but there’s a subtle floral design in the white fabric structure. The black wallet is a vintage cigarette case and I liked how that also picked up the black in the shirt. Might seem kind of menswear-inspired, save for the baggy unfitted silhouette. The pants remind me of men’s undergarments from like 1-2 centuries ago or something.

To be honest, this is really a fall outfit but it was a solid look, felt put together but not too much. It felt pretty awesome, like I felt like a badass somehow even though I was dressed so “conservatively” (I use that loosely, but still) and uh, “unattactively” (I don’t use that loosely though yes, in reference to males). Anyway, I don’t like to look too pretty as far as outfits. I had a mixture of laughing and feeling horror when I saw myself in the photo since I look like such a granny and the lighting hit my face in all the wrong places, but at the end of the day, you had to love it. It’s a great outfit snapshot.

photo credit goes to Melodie Jeng

Comments (2)

Chaukkeun on July 05
Nice&interesting style ^^ love the Chanel glasses.. and is vintage :3
hazelkrisferrando on June 28
Great look and outfit!!! Love your style!!! Welcome to chicness chic;)
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