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Updated on Nov 17, 2008

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fashionispoison on December 01
i can't believe i'm so behind on your posts! this was a lot of fun to watch <3
j_e_n on November 24
That was super cute! :)
wee on November 23
you guys are all so adorable. yay for this fun video. would love more chictopia tv. :)
twinkl on November 21
that was fun. annabel has such an adorable voice!
monaby on November 20
Love this video! How about part two?
EverybodyIsUgly on November 20
Working on a bloopers/extras reel at the moment :) :) :)
superwowomg on November 19
yay you guys are so cute!! What is that awesome perfect-to-get-ready-to-slash-dance-like-crazy song you guys used????
EverybodyIsUgly on November 20
Calvin Harris' Acceptable in the 80's (love love love the song too)
elysiamann on November 19
eeeeeeeeeeeeeee i loooooooove this!!!!!!!!!!! juliana- i have those moc martens from target, too! YAYAY!
imajetsetter on November 19
Connie, I'd rather have your round bowling ball head than have my flat head. Apparently, I was a good baby and didn't turn a lot when I slept. At least you can wear hats and have a cute bangs and hair!
EverybodyIsUgly on November 20
The bowling ball head does have its merits, but no I can't actually wear hats :( You should see me try to rock a beanie. Ack.
purplehibiscus on November 19
adored the video, all of you guys are amazingly cute. and you guys seem like you would be hella fun to hang out with. annabel embrace the dork within, lol.
flamantflamboyant on November 18
aww annabel's voice is so cute! You should do more video posts!
hotoke on November 18
OMG NODAME CANTABILE...i modeled my life after her.
Shminderella on November 18
That was great! You guys are awesome :)
InstantVintage on November 17
you guys are too cute!
princessMLim on November 17
AHHHHHHHH. u guys said my username out loud. lmao. i had a feeling u guys would. ahh. worst nightmare. HAHA. dorkass username. HAHA thanks for answering my question :)) hehe. more chictopia TV! gimme mooore
ratatatnat on November 17
Fun video. I bought those faux martins from Target too but I took them back because they squeaked too much.
gigaginga on November 17
ahhh i love that you said "egregious" to describe jenny. i'm borrowing that for semi-daily usage...
_ANITA on November 17
so worth the wait! yay annabel i watch anime too, but manga is more of my cup of tea! you should check out ouran high school host club! thanks for answering my question abt gg! i guess my question is pretty rhetorical but i just thought someone would bring up serena's carefree style.

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