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Updated on Aug 01, 2010
white shirt - purple Talula skirt - black Claires glasses - pink nixon accessori
White-shirt-purple-talula-skirt-black-claires-glasses-pink-nixon-accessori White-shirt-purple-talula-skirt-black-claires-glasses-pink-nixon-accessori White-shirt-purple-talula-skirt-black-claires-glasses-pink-nixon-accessori
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Aliciainwundrland 's Thoughts:

So, just to let you know, I had a terrible scare when in my last set of pictures (the princess ones) my camera decided it would swan dive from the branch of a tree into the pond. I just about had a heart attack. Luckily, it has since revived itself and all is right in the world. That is my story for today :)

Now, clothing. I wore this outfit to work . . . sans super cute BCBG shoes, since I cannot wear open heeled, open toed shoes to work and avec a cami underneath the lace shirt. Afterwards, I slipped on the wedges and lost the cami. I am in love with the new lace trend that has come into effect and I’m a little addicted. I especially love the whole nude bandeau under the lace shirt. It just looks so sophisticated but so dirty at the same time. Also why I wear high waisted bottoms when wearing a lace shirt. It enhances the sophistication.

As for the accessories, I wore my nerd glasses. With my new fringe (just got it Friday and love it so much better than my side sweepers) the glasses just look so good, I have a real geek chic naughty librarian look going on. I always have to ahve my little punk influence, hence the barbell “stretchers” (they’re not real stretchers, they’re fake and I don’t mind admitting it). And, of course, my Nixon watch, which reminds me of the watches I used to get from the dollar store as a child.

Now, why the red lips you ask? I really don’t know. I have wanted a pin up red lip lacquer for ages and finally found Maybelline. I am so in love with the colour. Although I do get some pretty intense stares . . . probably because people in my small town (I am listed as living in Ottawa but I am actually not going to officially live there until September) are all the same and they’d rather dress like Abercrombie mannequins than have their own style. I love how geek chich is enhanced by red lips. And I just love this look.

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MarieMarieMarie on August 02
I've watched my camera fall from precarious places while trying to get the perfect shot's really heart wrenching! Love your top and big glasses and bright red lipstick =)
crystaldots on August 02
By the way - I never read the book but it sounds interesting to hear girls' tops falling off because they were too revealing!!!!
crystaldots on August 02
great accessories - did anyone compliment u at work? It's adorable!
Aliciainwundrland on August 02
yes, they did in fact lol. One regular customer said my outfits were always nice :) thank you
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