C'est Jolie, c'est mon chien... wardrobe remix

Updated on Jul 15, 2010
This is an entry to TeenVOGUE Wardrobe Remix sponsored by TeenVOGUE.
black H&M hat - brown Mango cardigan - white handmade t-shirt - black designer s
Black-h-m-hat-brown-mango-cardigan-white-handmade-t-shirt-black-designer-s Black-h-m-hat-brown-mango-cardigan-white-handmade-t-shirt-black-designer-s Black-h-m-hat-brown-mango-cardigan-white-handmade-t-shirt-black-designer-s Black-h-m-hat-brown-mango-cardigan-white-handmade-t-shirt-black-designer-s Black-h-m-hat-brown-mango-cardigan-white-handmade-t-shirt-black-designer-s
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angiekje 's Thoughts:

So this is the first piece of clothing I ever made :) if I can call it that at least, I made the tee (bought the tee :p) and then printed a picture of Jolie on it, wrote “C’est Jolie… c’est mon chien” with it (meaning: This is Jolie, it’s my dog OR It’s beautiful, it’s my dog as her name means pretty in French, Jolly in English ^^) and made a bit of military inspired detailing on the left sleeve. I wanted a special occasion to wear this piece of clothing for the first time and that’s why I am entering the wardrobe remix contest of teenvogue magazine with this. Please keep in mind that I am an interior designer and a very clumsy person, so for a first piece I couldn’t reinvent the moon for you guys :) did try though :) No really I can’t sew, just stitch and because I am clumsy it’s difficult to play with the fabric too much, so I’ll save that for another time :)

It must be Jolie’s lucky 24 hours as she’s in my chicblog twice now :)

So tips on how the remix the simple oversized (XL) white t-shirt:

look n°1: RnB meets Safari: I combined the simple tee with Jolie on it with a cardigan with leopard print, a brown belt, some shorts, a hat and high heels. Ready to go dancing or go on a date with that cutie you like. The combination of the leopard print, Jolie’s natural spots and the heels provide this look a playfull character. The heels, shorts and hat make sure it this look has all key elements of sexyness, ellegance and classyness at the same time.

look n°2: casual secretary: when you want to wear something comfortable, loose, but elegant in the office, what’s a better option than the figure hugging skirt and simple loose fitted t-shirt combined with colourfull shoes and a big printed bag. Seriously I am in love with these simple looks and this bag is one of my favorites EVER. I’m so sad the zipper broke, however this gorgeous thing is what I’m taking to Paris with me :) love it too much + is huge :)

look n°3: casual sunday: I combined the tee with olive harem pants and a hat with leopard print. The loose pants combined with this oversized tee and the playfull hat make this look ideal for a sunday or any other day when man just wants to hang on the couch. These shoes however make sure you’d still look fancy enough to go out and have cocktails with the girls.

As you can see I kept it pretty simple, no scarf as dress, dress as skirt, skirt as top things for me today :) not that these aren’t great, really I’ve seen some amazing, unbelievebly great things like that already on chictopia :) but at the end of the day this tee just wants to be a tee… sometimes it’s important to see the things exacly how they are :)

Thank you again for your comments, wasn’t expecting that much on yesterdays post but you’ve proven me wrong, once again :)



“Parfois on regarde les choses telles qu’elles sont en se demandant pourquoi.
Parfois on les regarde telles qu’elles pourraient être en se disant “pourquoi pas”."


" Sometimes man looks at things as they are, wondering why. Sometimes man looks at them as they could be, by saying " why not ". "

Sorry if the translation isn’t exacly perfect, but it’s my interpretation :)

This was a part of the lyrics of the song that must be the song of the day :) Il y a by Vanessa Paradis the wive of Johnny Depp, so for those of you who haven’t heard her: you should, because he just has to have good taste in women AND their music;) If that hasn’t convinced you to listen :) this might: you should have seen Jolie when I was singing it to her two minutes ago :) getting al clingy ^^ that cutiepie


Comments (40)

magpie13 on August 10
I love that leopard print cardi! I cant wait to wear mine come fall!
KaylaMeow on August 02
Awww so cool outfit
ilovered on July 28
love the cardigan.
princessswag on July 28
those pants are amazing
Style_Journey on July 26
that's so hot and summery, dear!! love the way you styled that shirt, that's such a cool wardrobe remix!! l esp LOVE the second outfit!! that skirt looks perfect with the shirt and l so love the yellow pop of color om your shoes!! xx
psykoKilla on July 26
I looove your first look
Jaqueline on July 24
very chic!
thejoyoffashion on July 22
I love your hat and cardi, very chic!
Laura86 on July 17
love your outfit! I have the same cardi and I adore it!
JennyBodell on July 16
Very cute. I LOVE your cardigan.
jillvogue on July 16
love the cardigan
lissakahayon on July 16
love the remix!
so pretty as always adding this to my favorites love all the remixes too!!
Vemo on July 16
ãmazing look!! love the leopard print cardigan!!
cityofbugs on July 16
love all these looks, especially the RnB meets Safari! you look so hot, and i love your Jolie tee, its so cool :)
angiekje on July 16
ow now we have a name for it: the Jolie tee :) love that idea :p
GlossyCheshireCat on July 16
great combi!
coldlight on July 16
nice remix, such a cute tshirt :)
_nonchalant on July 16
loving the leopard cardigan.
Annebeth on July 16
haha fantastische grap, c'est jolie, c'est mon chien :D coole creatie!
angiekje on July 16
:D dat was de bedoeling :) (volgens mij ben je de enige die het door had)
patriciaprieto on July 16
Great look!!
superniknok on July 16
carizzachua on July 15
love the 4th photo!
Jolenevuong on July 15
MyClosetisaBox on July 15
sooooo cute!
RosiTonaco on July 15
I love this kind of style, and the cardi is so pretty!
mahirahme on July 15
Hi really love your outfit! I submitted my picture to the constest but for some reason its not going through and i think i did follow all the terms and conditions do you by any chance know what could be wrong
angiekje on July 16
I don't have an idea, but I'll check it out and let you know!!
Shelby on July 15
love those white shoes
Kittany on July 15
Cute! I really like those pants in the the third outfit!
catsywinx7 on July 15
that diy tee with your doggy jolie on it is so adorable! love the casual secretary look the best!
vogueismylove on July 15
love the cardighan with the graphic tee!
urbanista911 on July 15
Squarectomy on July 15
Adorable! Love Grace.
I love everything! amazing tee Jolie is a celebrity now:) oh and I`m an interior designer as well:) CHIC!!
angiekje on July 16
cool :) we're colleagues then :)
folle_femme on July 15
Wow..couldn't love more that tee..is Jolie and that means awesome! Love all your looks, you did a great job with this tee! i wanted to do a wardrobe remix myself. but with all the problems I didn't had the time or energy to do it:(..Maybe I will do one after the contest ends:D LOVE:)
tanyabell on July 15
cute cardi and that it so cute that you made a shirt with your baby on it! :)))))
l0vefool on July 15
chiiiiiic! love that leopard cardigan dear!
Freckles2000 on July 15
I really like that leopard cardi.
eviamar on July 15
love the simplicity of these combinations, they are really cute!
aivanmagno on July 15
RAWR!!! Killer leopard cardigan!!!
Honey_little_sunny on July 15
very chic and pretty!! :)
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