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Updated on Jan 13, 2010
black Converse One shirt - blue Old Navy jeans - black Mossimo shoes - black Alf
Black-converse-one-shirt-blue-old-navy-jeans-black-mossimo-shoes-black-alf Black-converse-one-shirt-blue-old-navy-jeans-black-mossimo-shoes-black-alf Black-converse-one-shirt-blue-old-navy-jeans-black-mossimo-shoes-black-alf
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Princeoftennis08 's Thoughts:

I was thinking really hard about what outfit to submit for this. I actually feel sorry for whoever has to decide the 10 best outfits for this contest. There are a lot of outstanding submissions already. My submission isn’t that stylish at all. It’s very simple and cheap, but this is what I like best. I’ve always tried hard to try different accessories or pile on multiple layers. But, I really enjoy just wearing a simple style.

Some people will remember that this was a previous outfit. Sorry, I didn’t get the chance to upload a picture from today.)

So, this is my submission: a minimalistic, all-black outfit. The sunglasses (which were a gift) alone cost more than the entire outfit (shirt, jeans, and shoes). I chose this outfit not because I think it’s my most stylish outfit. I chose it because I thought it embodies who I really am. I am not a lavish, eccentric dresser. I don’t have the money to afford a rich outfit. I don’t wear brand name outfits often. I shop at Target, and on Black Fridays at the local Galleria. I make the best of what I have.

To people who don’t have much money (like me!), I think you can really look great without spending lots of money. Be patient! Window shop at the high brand stores to get an idea of what you want, then find a similar style at cheaper stores like Target, Walmart, Ross Superstores, or other wholesale department stores.
Chictopia 10.
I really respect Chictopia’s community for several reasons. First of all, there are many attractive and stylish people registered on this website. I get ideas from male members, and I enjoy looking at all the great female styles.

Secondly, the community is very supportive. Users rarely receive negative comments. Comments are either helpful or admiring. Even if the outfit isn’t spectacular, Chictopians always have something good to say. This is the most important aspect of Chictopia. Success in life is about self-confidence. People can really gain confidence thanks to the supportive comments from Chictopians. Some of my friends were initially worried about joining this website because they were afraid that their style would be insignificant compared to everyone else’s style. But, they joined and really love the encouragement they receive.

Good job, Chictopia founders. And thank you.

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modgeisha on October 30
I like your minimalist style in this outfit. It's simple, clean and chic. A true fail-safe outfit for guys! :)
modgeisha on October 30
So, since then I've become wiser in spending on clothes. These days I rarely buy. I recycle from my mom's clothes because she has a lot and she rarely wears them after a few use. Oh, I'm sorry for the long comment. I'm just itching to share. :)
modgeisha on October 30
I definitely agree with what you blogged here, about looking great without spending lots of money. It's true. Fashion is not only for the have's but can also be enjoyed by the those who are on a limited budget. When it comes to clothes, I choose to spend wisely. But I have to admit, I went through a phase of buying only branded clothes and ashamed of wearing generic ones...
modgeisha on October 30
because I'm afraid to look cheap. But since I worked for a short in time in a fashion company, I learned that clothes gain their value because of the branding. But the makers, or the process of production are all the same.
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