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Updated on Aug 06, 2009
Salvation Army shirt - Paris Blues jeans - sbicca boots - Salvation Army belt -
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electrocutions 's Thoughts:

Oh my goodness, first post.

Well, here goes nothing. (deep breath)

I think I’ve been a secret admirer of too many pretty stylish fashionistas on this site for too long, so I figured I’d come out and try my hand at this (ahh…I’m quite intimidated doing this since I know how freaking GLAM some of these other girls and guys are). I know that I’m not as chic or fashion-conscious as the top chictopians, but I can hope to reach their caliber someday.

Anyway, just an intro so I’m no stranger: I’m Julianne and I’m a second year English lit and Music university student from California. I hope to fully define my sense of style, since I’ve always never really focused on it before. In high school, when I used to go shopping with my friends, I would struggle with forming an outfit and I always had to get a second opinion. The fact that I went to an all girls’ Catholic high school didn’t help much either since we wore uniforms. My mom always took the chance to dress me and I never really started to develop any fashion consciousness until now.

Now that I’m in college, I’ve had my brush with a lot of different styles, but I hope to evolve more. I really don’t want to copy…I want to develop my own fashion sense.

So yeah, here I go…!
Hope I become one of your friends.
Drop by and say hello, will you?

Outfit is built around affordability and simplicity. Pretty much everything is bought from a thrift store. Pretty simple and basic with a shabby chic edge, but I like it.

Comments (23)

PixieSolanas on May 05
I love love love these boots!!!!
PicklePepper on December 18
You look AMAZING! super cute top
MichelleElainePC on August 26
too hot for chores! im seriously a sucker for stripes.
missastronaut on August 15
oh and welcome to chictopia darling:D
missastronaut on August 15
awesome pics!!!LOVE ur hairrrr..i wanttt ur shirt!
ThomasWylde on August 13
Love the look
coloraccident on August 08
This outfit is so adorable! :>
cereza_liebe on August 07
love ur belt n shoes
xovicks on August 07
You are adorable!
desiree_paige on August 07
im also pretty new to this site and i, too, was scared to post pics. but just as long as you are true to yourself and your style, nothing else really matters! but by your first pic i can tell you are going to do great! nice belt by the way =)
electrocutions on September 10
Sorry for the late response! Aww, haha, awesome--I really hope we become good friends then. Also, are you Pinay, I was checking out your pics and your style is really cute too. Can't wait to see more of your stuff!
chocolatepuddin on August 07
im new as well! love ur hair by the way
floralsandpeacocks on August 07
This is a great outfit and you are so pretty.
wynneprasetyo on August 07
welcome to Chictopia dear (: i think you have a cool fashion sense so keep exploring, you're gonna do great!
electrocutions on September 10
So sorry for the late reply, but thanks so much for the encouragement! You're a darl. :D
Guatencanta on August 07
fun stuff! like your boots!
SmileitszSAM on August 07
i love this outfit. its super cute :)
candydoll on August 07
Love that shirt!
krly on August 07
omg im so inlove with this outfit!!! your hair is amazing xo!!
sabesabrina on August 07
this pic.is very cool. you look so great and i love this whole outfit especially the boots!
sarahs on August 07
love this whole outfit especially the boots!
beautifulfall on August 07
Welcome to the Chic, you are quite good at it I'd say so don't feel intimidated, haha. I absolutely love your hair. and the belt piared with that shirt is perfect!
electrocutions on September 10
Sorry for the late response, but thank you so much for the kind words! It's so encouraging to hear from a really stylish dame like you. :]
ohthegrandeur on August 07
Welcome to Chictopia Julianne :) I love that shirt, you're super pretty and I think i'm completely in love with your writing. I love, I love, I love. x
electrocutions on August 07
Aww, you're too sweet! I'm so flattered you like my writing! I just sort of scrawled the note, so I'm surprised. Thanks for being so lovely. :D
jeroy on August 07
i love yer shirt & cute photos :)
electrocutions on August 07
Oh yay, thanks so much! :D And omg, you're Pinoy! May I call you Kuya? You look much more sophisticated than I do, so I'm guessing you're a little older than me.
amorpassion on August 07
welcome to chictopia! your pictures are tooo cute :) and i love your outfit! the shirt and shoes are awesome
electrocutions on August 07
Ahh...I'll keep tabs on yours too...your style is awesome. <333
amorpassion on August 07
aww thanksthanks! i cant wait to see your upcoming outfits :) im sure theyll be awesome!
electrocutions on August 07
Aww, gosh, thanks so much love! Haha, you made me so excited--my first comment! :D I'm checking your stuff out right now and I must say your style is quite adorable (all of the prints on your tights are killer).
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