I'm Engaged!

Updated on Dec 15, 2014
Report shoes - Zara dress - Blue Nile ring
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LittleBee 's Thoughts:

How Gen-Y is it of me to announce my engagement on social media? :]


Growing up, my asian tiger mom told me a lot of things that I should know about in life. Like, how your education will light up your darkest days and how women will lose their abilities to lose weight after hitting age 25. I was well prepared for a lot of things, but I don't think I was ever prepared for the fact that I would eventually be engaged!

Enter Aldy, my best friend for the past five years, and my loving boyfriend for the past year and a half :) Just like any couple we'd have stupid fights over socks and stuff but our relationship has (almost) always been a very happy one. After numerous music festivals, roadtrips, and countless bowls of ramen, we finally decided back in October it was time to get serious. And that's how all this started.

I don't think I have a word to describe what being engaged feels like to me, but it is pretty cool. For one thing I get to flash this gorgeous rock on my finger every day.

It's definitely overwhelming. I never thought I'd be the type to actually care so much, but apparently I've become borderline obsessed. At one point I was staying up to 3 AM every night for 2 weeks scrolling through pinterest in hopes to find a knoff-off of that Valentino spotted dress circa 2011.

This experience is all so new to me and I'm pretty much a walking ball of the happy stress at the moment. I have a few of vendors booked and I just got my high-tech traditional Indonesian engagement ceremony out of the way, so I think it's time for me to take a much deserved few weeks off from wedding-planning. Well at least until NYE. After that I will continue this madness. I'll try to blog regularly from now just so I'll have something to look back on. I promise you there will be a lot of mini-wedding-drama episodes in store.


Happy holidays, guys!





PS: Check out this exclusive close up photo of my gorgeous engagement ring here on Chictopia's Instagram. Thanks Chris for these photos!


If you're on Instagram, let's be friends :)

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FanniFramboise on January 10
Great look! ♡
cute pic! congratulations!
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