Late Sorbet Update

Updated on Oct 15, 2014
black H&M top - light pink DIY skirt
Black-h-m-top-light-pink-diy-skirt Black-h-m-top-light-pink-diy-skirt
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laundrychemistry 's Thoughts:

Late Sorbet Update

Oh my gosh, what happened. My last post was way too long ago. Meanwhile I have been to a wedding of a friend and also my birthday was recently. I´ve made it to my silver Jubilee.
Apart from the fact that I already have lost some very special people to me, I´m happy to be in good health with the rest of my family and friends and that´s quite the occasion to celebrate!

It goes without saying that with celebrating come appropriate clothes. I made a skirt specially for the wedding occasion and since the theme was pink, I made this Sorbet skirt. It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. I made this sorbet colored skirt from some tablecloths with the same pattern in slightly, different tones that someone gave me. I didn’t know what it would look like until my work was done. I´m not someone that makes clothes by patterns and rules. Once I have something in my head, the rest is a big creative process. Making this skirt was from beginning to the end a creative journey without exactly knowing what I was doing. I constantly fixed the image of the Chanel winter couture shows in my mind. In the end it became this maxi skirt. For the wedding I combined it with white pointy heels, while on my birthday I was wearing the skirt with the black ones you see in the pictures.

I love the result of the skirt. I can already imagine this skirt for Christmas. I will probably wear it with something like a white, soft grey or crème vintage beaded shirt with touches of gold in it. If there is a case of ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’ syndrome coming up, I don’t have to worry at all.

Comments (1)

TheSkirtedBoy on October 15
beautiful, charming and really sexy look, you are super pretty! voted and faved of course!
laundrychemistry on October 16
Thank you! It motivates me to read such words
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