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Updated on Sep 25, 2014
navy seventies style thrifted dress - sky blue pastel floral thrifted dress
Navy-seventies-style-thrifted-dress-sky-blue-pastel-floral-thrifted-dress Navy-seventies-style-thrifted-dress-sky-blue-pastel-floral-thrifted-dress Navy-seventies-style-thrifted-dress-sky-blue-pastel-floral-thrifted-dress Navy-seventies-style-thrifted-dress-sky-blue-pastel-floral-thrifted-dress Navy-seventies-style-thrifted-dress-sky-blue-pastel-floral-thrifted-dress
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Thrifting is great. It's cheap, it usually supports a charity, and it's ecofriendly! It's great for finding one-of-a-kind items or for finding stuff that is sold in popular department stores. Plus you can buy brands or items (like fur) from industries that you don't support without actually supporting them.

I'm no thrifting expert, but with how often I go and how often I buy lots of stuff I figured I would share my tips for thrifting.

1. Check every section. You can find lots of neat stuff in just about every section: cute sweaters from the men's department, ridiculous amounts of cloth in the fabric section, cool vintage earrings from the jewelry area.

2. Look for good basics. Who doesn't love buying cheap stuff that they know they will wear a lot? Look for things like simple button downs and sweaters in all colors that you can wear with anything. I personally hate spending ridiculous amounts on basic items so this is the best place for buying that stuff.

3. Don't worry too much about fit. If you find a piece you love or something that has great fabric but doesn't fit well, take a chance on it. Try to alter it so it's wearable. It's not like you're investing a lot of money in that article of clothing anyway!

4. Really scour the dress section. I find my favorite items in this section. There are also a lot of fancy dresses at thrift stores that people only wore once and then discarded, so don't be afraid to look for that stuff! Additionally, if you are looking for fancier clothing or for high-end brands, try to find thrift stores in wealthier neighborhoods. The prices might be a tad bit higher but you could find the name brands you're looking for but for much cheaper. This is true of consignment shops, too. I once found a jacket that cost $25 that still had the $150 price tag on it.

5. Just because the sign says Halloween doesn't mean you can't wear it all the time. I have found several items in the Halloween costume area that I think are super cute. This can be better for finding retro and vintage stuff, too.

6. Don't hesitate. Items move quickly out of thrift stores so if you see something you want buy it then.

7. Look in the sizes below and above yours. Sizes are weird and this greatly increases the amount of items you can look through.

8. Try it on. I've bought so many items that I thought I would love but didn't try on and then ended up disliking.

9. Try to envision several ways to wear an item. If you can't think of two or three ways to wear it then you might want to reconsider buying it unless it's a fancy dress or something else that might only need one styling.

10. Pay attention to sales. ARC has 50% off Saturdays so you can binge shop without actually spending that much money. A lot of times I'll be a little bit shocked at how little I spent after an intense thrift shop run.

But most of all just have fun! I love going to thrift shops and can honestly say that if I have weekend thrifting plans I will look forward to them all week. It's great to find a thrifting buddy -preferably of a different size or sense of style so you can avoid fighting over items- so you can get opinions and have someone stand guard while you're in the dressing rooms of the sketchier stores.

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SecondhandSoles on October 20
Like pages torn from my own heart! Excellent tips. Thanks for all the thriftspiration!
CarefreeContessa on October 02
cute collection!
patlaenz on September 25
good tips,chic
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